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We can’t help you if we don’t know you. It’s a simple concept but far too often in the world of IT services, it goes ignored. At Regatronics, we take the time to learn about our clients. We want to understand you and your business, to understand your challenges and to gain an appreciation for what your goals are – now and in the future.

Only then can we help you to leverage technology to address those challenges, and to zero in on your goals with laser-like focus.

Over the past 25 years our team has helped clients in many industries, and we have been able to develop a deep understanding of several industry verticals, including:

  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Not-for-profit
  • Distribution
  • Professional services (medical and dental, architecture and design, legal)
  • Retail

We understand that different industries, and different companies, have evolved over time and they need to apply technology in different ways in order to succeed. We also know that it is a constant budgetary battle to get the resources needed to fully maximize IT effectiveness.

Consider our team as your strategic IT department. We can even sit with you at your strategy and budget meetings and make sure that IT can be effectively represented and properly enabled to get you to where you want to be. We’ll make sure that your technology decisions make sense – business sense.

We can even go farther than that if you need us to. With our years of experience, we can help you in planning long term technology strategies and specific projects for your business. Some of these can include:

  • IT Strategy: We’ll help you map out an IT strategy – short, medium and long-term – to ensure you are leveraging technology to maximize your organization’s opportunity to succeed.
  • Security: We can ensure that the lifeblood of your business – your data – is not only secure, but available whenever, wherever and to whoever should be seeing it.
  • Cloud: Together with you, we can evaluate the opportunities the cloud has to offer, and lay out a strategy that makes sense with your overall business objectives.
  • TCO/ROI: We will help you to evaluate and prioritize your IT investments to make sure that you are minimizing your total cost of ownership and maximizing your return on equity.

Talk to us today about getting Regatronics to be your IT Consulting partner.  Together, we will make sure your IT strategy empowers you and your people to succeed.

“Regatronics excels on customer service and in finding the best solutions for us while considering our needs for cost control as a nonprofit organization."

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“I would say without hesitation that dealing with Regatronics is comparable to having our own in-house IT Group.”

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“Regatronics’ all-in-one IT management solution gives us the peace of mind we need to focus on our core business responsibilities, instead of the system that supports these functions.”

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"Regatronics has always responded immediately to our requirements, both big and small, with professionalism and excellence in knowledgebase and attitude.”

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