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The recent advent of cloud computing has earned a lot of attention in the industry, and unfortunately its fair share of confusion.  There is no doubt that the application of cloud computing offers many advantages, the three major ones being:

  • Reduced up-front capital costs
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility

However, like any other “own versus lease” business analysis, the decision to go to the cloud requires its own decision-making process.  It depends a lot on your corporate strategy going forward, as well as to what extent you plan on adopting cloud services:

  • How big is your enterprise, and how much do you foresee it growing in the future?
  • What specific services and applications do you plan on putting on the cloud?
  • Which business applications are best managed “in house” versus those that can be virtually farmed out to a third party?

Simply put, cloud computing is not necessarily a “slam dunk” solution for all companies and for all services.  Decision makers should evaluate the pros and cons of the cloud, based on the size of the company, its stage of evolution and its specific needs.  Together with you, we can evaluate the opportunities the cloud has to offer, and lay out a strategy that makes sense with your overall business objectives.

Give us a call today and we can help you to evaluate cloud computing for your company, and maybe clear up some of the fog that surrounds it.  It only makes sense – business sense.

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