As a business owner, you have to juggle a lot of balls in the air and you have to consider a lot of potential risks in running your business.  Unfortunately, most business owners do not have the time or the knowledge to fully understand the risks of data loss from a system crash or other disaster.   And the risks can be far greater, and far more costly, than you might think.

Consider the four simple questions below:


1. If your most important systems crashed tomorrow, how would that affect your business?

  • Would it affect your clients?
  • Would your employees still be able to work?
  • Do you know which of your systems are the most important to your business?

What’s the point?  It’s important to understand that disasters have consequences.

2. While your systems are down, do you know how much money you’re losing?

  • What does an hour of downtime cost your business?
  • Do you know how downtime affects your reputation?
  • Do you understand all the ways your systems could go down?

What’s the point?  The cost of downtime can often be far greater than we think, and downtime can come from more than simply natural disasters (i.e. disk failure, user error, data corruption, etc.).

3. If a system went down tomorrow, what would you do?

  • Do you have a plan to get things up and running?
  • How quickly can you return to normal operations?
  • What are you going to do in the meantime?

What’s the point?  Let’s get practical. Do you have a plan? Have you ever thought about disaster?

4. Do you understand what a good disaster recovery plan could do for you?

  • Do you know how to avoid downtime and data loss?
  • Do you understand that there’s more to effective disaster recovery than simply taking backups?
  • Have you ever compared the cost of downtime to the cost of a good disaster recovery solution?

What’s the point?  Let someone from Regatronics Online Services sit down with you and talk about your options.

Get in touch with us today.  Knowledge is power, and we want to make you more powerful.