The only constant is change, and when technology is involved, change occurs at the speed of light.  Is it any wonder that businesses look outside for IT help and expertise?

As security threats grow and technology becomes more complex, more companies are outsourcing their IT management and maintenance functions. IT service providers such as Regatronics are responding to this growing need by introducing a new business model – Managed Services – that can take the burden of IT management off their clients’ backs.

Managed Services typically means that a company with a need for IT support will form an ongoing contractual relationship with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) who will remotely monitor, manage and update their technology infrastructure, systems and services. This includes email, network and security software, and more complex pieces of technology, such as line of business applications.

This relatively new outsourcing model has become so appealing that worldwide spending for IT outsourcing is increasing, and quickly. Over the next five years, global spending on managed services is expected to grow at an annual compounded rate of 11.3%.  The simple reason is that Managed Services can offer great value to the typical organization.  Companies are cutting their overall IT maintenance costs significantly, while at the same time decreasing downtime and increasing the overall quality of services they are receiving.

Too good to be true?  Maybe not.

Typical small to mid-sized companies successfully outsource many of their non-core operations, and don’t even bat an eye doing it.  Payroll, staffing, accounting, legal services, outbound logistics, even coffee services are often outsourced to third party providers – because none of those things are of fundamental importance to running your business.  And, third party providers can typically deliver those services better and cheaper than your own staff can.  The same can be said for IT support.  It is sometimes hard to admit, but maintaining the daily health of your technology infrastructure can almost always be done better, and more cost effectively, buy someone outside of the typical small to mid-sized business.

If you are looking for a better way to manage and maintain your technology in this quickly changing IT landscape, with less downtime and higher end-user satisfaction, talk to us today.  We can show you how Managed Services can be good for your business.  It’s what we do.