Mobility / Remote

Could you imagine not being able to use your smartphone to conduct your business? How about never working from outside the office, or never participating in a conference call? That would be like, well, like the 80s, and nobody wants to go back to the 80s!

Today, all successful companies are obliged to provide access to business information systems via smartphones, tablets, notebook, MacBook and Remote Office. You and your employees are expected to use these devices to be more productive. The downside is that if you are not able to use mobility and remote technologies, either because you don’t have them or they are not securely maintained, you could be significantly compromising your company’s ability to compete.

At Regatronics, we’ve made it affordable, easy and fast to provide remote control services, via the web, to devices online. Our support team can resolve most issues for users anywhere in the world, quickly, saving your staff time and your company money.

We also offer cloud backup service to most mobile devices. If any of your employees were to lose their device, its content is secure and the data can be 100% restored to a replacement device. We provide a complete mobility solution, enabling customers to deploy both security and productivity solutions across their business enterprise and we also offer multiple platform support (iOS, Android, Windows) across a broad selection of smartphones and tablet devices.

If the need for mobility and remote access is critical to your company’s ongoing success, talk to us today to make sure that your systems are safe, secure and most importantly, that they are leveraging all your assets so that your business can grow. It makes a lot of sense – business sense.

"Regatronics has always responded immediately to our requirements, both big and small, with professionalism and excellence in knowledgebase and attitude.”

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“Regatronics excels on customer service and in finding the best solutions for us while considering our needs for cost control as a nonprofit organization."

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“I would say without hesitation that dealing with Regatronics is comparable to having our own in-house IT Group.”

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“Regatronics’ all-in-one IT management solution gives us the peace of mind we need to focus on our core business responsibilities, instead of the system that supports these functions.”

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