Are you concerned your network may be exposed to hackers, viruses and other security threats?  You should be!

A recent study (Gartner Group, 2013) found that in a given year 40% of small to medium businesses that manage their own network and use the Internet for more than e-mail will have their network accessed by a hacker, and more than 50% won’t even know they were attacked.

While connectivity is indispensable for achieving business success, networks have become more and more vulnerable because of all the devices they must support: PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more.  The unfortunate truth is that every device attached to your network is a potential security threat.

Over the past 25 years, we have become subject matter experts in managing our clients’ security needs, and we can help protect your information with a breach-proof security system for all your devices.

We set up both physical and logical restrictions to your data, and then continuously monitor all production service environments for privacy and security related threats. When a threat is detected, our team professionals ensure the incident is resolved in a timely manner, often before you even know that you had an incident.

The best designed and implemented services can only protect customer data if they are deployed in a secured environment.  That’s why Regatronics has developed processes and protocols for both physical and virtual environments that help keep customer data, stored either onsite or in the cloud, safe and compliant with regulations.  We also manage the security updates for all your devices to ensure the latest threats are blocked before they can cause any damage.

Call us today to ensure your security protocols stay one step ahead of the hackers, and that your company remains bullet-proof.

“Regatronics excels on customer service and in finding the best solutions for us while considering our needs for cost control as a nonprofit organization."

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“Regatronics’ all-in-one IT management solution gives us the peace of mind we need to focus on our core business responsibilities, instead of the system that supports these functions.”

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"Regatronics has always responded immediately to our requirements, both big and small, with professionalism and excellence in knowledgebase and attitude.”

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“I would say without hesitation that dealing with Regatronics is comparable to having our own in-house IT Group.”

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